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UDF 2.50 Labeling

Race Guy

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I noticed that when I build a UDF 2.50 ISO, the label tab allows me 63 character spaces.


After writing that ISO to the HDD, I switch to Write Mode. If I then, right click "label" & select change, I'm allowed twice as many, 126 spaces.


Why the diff?

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Unicode Vs Non Unicode.


If Unicode is enabled when you're preparing you'll have less room for characters because they take up 2 bytes each in the descriptor.


Unicode is forced off during the build if the program detects it needs to be (i.e. for DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray Video).


Then because it's off in the image you've built, you can use the more characters again when you try to edit it.


Enabled the 'Enable Unicode support for UDF Volume Label' option in the change box and you'll notice you're limited to 63 chars again.

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