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"Ripping" Function Without Decryption


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Would it be possible to add such a feature for making backups of non-CSS encrypted/otherwise copy-protected media?


The reason I ask is because I was curious as to why it wasn't simply the decryption part of DVD Decrypter that was removed rather than the whole ripping function and assumed it must have been to some terms agreed to during the legal fiasco - but I didn't see any mention of it in the FAQ, and the only results from searching the forums for "ripping" were people asking about how to copy CSS protected content to their hard drives.


EDIT: Ah, nevermind.






Although most of those comments seem to be pertaining to ripping in conjunction with decrypting, it does seem apparent that LightingUK! intends for ImgBurn to be a dedicated burning tool only.

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Malphas, That is exactly LUKs' intention for Imgburn. It has NOW, a far better burn characteristics then DVDD had. It will get better and better as time goes on......... :P:thumbup:

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This post by Malphas is kind of what I was suggesting. I would support any program LuK makes for straight disk COPY.


You see, my goal with any computer system I make is to have it as multifunctional as possible without over bloating it with inflated BLOAT-ware. I refuse to install crap like MucousMatch PyukeBox, Roxio "Easy CD Creator" - At least the excess functions of CD Creator, cos sometimes I need to use the Creator Classic... What else? It is the style I guess, as computers get "bigger and faster" or rather "Smaller and faster" the software companies make programs that "Do Everything"- For sure a commendable action, BUT, one that causes the programs, which were once of reasonable size, to become BLOATED and unstable. I have figured out a stripped down install of Roxio 6 and the updates for Creator that work pretty much with every computer and every burner I have installed it on. I have run the gamut of Burning apps and rippers: What is not a virus or parasite-ware, installs tendrils into all systems of the computer, infecting the registry and eventually corrupting the entire OS, which is NOT hard to do with Windows XP. And when asked, well WHY use XP, unfortunately, the programs I install for people are not available for Linux. M$ has us over a barrel with that "Genuine Check" CRAP which will eventually prevent ANY program from being installed UNLESS the copy of Windows passes WGA. (They keep changing that WGA poop every couple of months... So far, I have been able to keep ahead of it- But they are being rather a pain in the ARSE about it).


But what I want in a BURNING program is more like an "All In One" deal, that is NOT a huge space-gobbler. This is why I LOVE my DVD-Shrink/DVD-Decrypter/ImgBurn combo: ALL THREE programs are highly functional, and all three only use up about 10 MB overall as far as program data is concerned.


See, I NEED my SPACE. Ergo, I refuse to install Windows XP Service Pack 2 and all the DRMmed to death additions. I also refuse to install any extra Java packages, I use the one that came with XP Pro SP 1.


Usually, the kind of machines I make are 32-bit K7's when I can find them, cos I have not stepped off the 64 bit precipice yet. So, I'll make a system based on a 1.5 gig to 2 gig Athlon/Sempron, 160 GB Hard drive, MSI or other Via chip-set MB, not because they are really that good, but because of ease of installing the motherboard drivers. 256 to 1 Gig of Ram, at least 333 MHz. I refuse to make Celerons, but if I can get a P-IV I will use it. But I never make a system for someone using a Celeron... Or Durons, either.


Now on such a machine, the requests I get is that they wanna copy DVD's maybe even make their own DVDs so then I install Pinnacle or Sony DVD Architect - These I do not use to BURN any DVDs that are made, I set it up so that they make ISO images and then IMGBURN Burns the images.


So, a machine like that, If it is left off-line, I can make it functional by just installing Nero, DVD-Shrink, DVD Decrypter and ImgBurn, Alcohol 120. Nero gives us DVD and CD authoring capability, DVD-Shrink used with Region-Free lets us apply our G-d and State given right to COPY the DVD's we buy, Imgburn allows us to burn the image files we make.


So, maybe if we had a program LIKE ImgBurn but had the capability to make images as well as burn... We can drop one or two of the burning apps we have installed.


If LuK were to make a suite of programs: DVD Authors, CD Authors, Image makers, Audio CD image creators (WITH CD-TEXT capability)... Even a Label creator...


I know I would support such programs by BUYING them and many other people too.


But for now, I would just ask that Luk considers, maybe a modification for DVD Decrypter that would allow us to copy Cd's as well as DVD's - I have used DVD Decrypter to copy DATA DVDs - Any way of slipping us a code under the table so to speak, to allow CD imaging?


Well, I apologise for the lengthy post, but maybe someone can help me modify these suggestions to fit what LuK is ALLOWED to do,


And... Regarding DVD Decrypter... Macro-vision is trying to claim that they have OWNERSHIP of the program. Well, I seem to remember that LuK has made the CODE for this program available from the start... So, Macro-vision can suck eggs, cos the program is in Public Domain!


I mean, is there someplace where the Public Domain "Owners" of DVD Decrypter can have a cuppa coffee and talk about this?

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weAponX, As per the last part of your post, I do believe Macrovision does have ownership rights to DVDD. This was worked out between parties at the demise of DVDD and DDSF. :'(




As for the first part of your post, Thats up to the Boss ............ :mellow:

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XrX ca, I can't claim to know all the inside poop with Macrovision and The Boss, but I think the main jest is that Macrovision doesn't want LUK to have his fingers into anything program that can read . Burning to a disc is alright, reading from a disc is a no no. >_< . This is way we're so careful about what questions we can answer and not answer. No repeat plays of a year ago....... :&#39;( :( .

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