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Transfer Length -- other than auto why?

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What are some of the sane reasons why one would ceasing using 'auto' for 'Transfer Length'?





Would it be something to change if one had an external burner as opposed to internal? Or perhaps the setting is related to the internal buffer size of the writing device? My Plextor has 8megs, my BenQ only 2megs.


I'd like some more insight please. B)

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Pretty much if my 'Auto' code doesn't work for you and you get an error the second I try and read/write something of that size from/to the drive.


I've not seen it being a problem of late so you're ok to leave it on auto.


There were just some crappy drivers around that only allowed for 32k transfers and not the default 64k. As I've improved the 'Auto' part over time, there has been less and less need for a manual option - but I still like to leave such things in there just in case.

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