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Layer Break methodology for PGCs with re-used cells?


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When burning an dual layer ISO that does not have any layer break flags already present (the type that will fix the LB insertion), how does ImgBurn insert LB flags for PGCs with re-used cells?


For an explanation of what I'm talking about, see Blutach's dual layer tutorial for burning or creating an ISO with PGCedit here:




Toward the bottom there is a section titled: "A note on DVD?s with re-used cells"


I ran into this situation with a collection of VIDEO_TS files. I decided ot write it with Sonic RecordNow Deluxe 7.3 and found that it did NOT follow the methodology described in the tutorial - this is the first failure that I've had with RecordNow Deluxe 7.3.


Bascially I had a PGC for which some cells (VOB/Cell ID the same) were shared in 2 other PGCs. Basically the other PGCs were highlights of the main PGC.


So, when I burned with RecordNow Deluxe - I looked at the burned disc and was shocked to find that there was no layer break flag inserted into the main PGC1 which was appxomitaly 3 hours long! The other PGC5 and PGC6 already had the flag set because of the discontinuity of jumping around the main title for highlights, and and the cell that was shared with PGC1 already had a flag set in PGC5 and PGC6.


I didn't think this seemed right, so I created (my first) dual layer ISO with PGCEdit/mkisofs and it offered 3 possible selections of the layer break, all the same cell and exact physical LBA, but in each PGC1, PGC5 and PGC6. PECEdit suggested that the cell in PGC5 was the optimal selection as it corresponded to cell 1 of the PGC (as in Blutach's example).


I created the ISO and burned it, and as Blutach states, the flag was repeated in PGC1, as one should expect! So, PGCEdit (with ImgBurn logic for LB selection?) ensures that every PGC that uses the first cell on the second layer has the LB flag inserted into it - Great!


However, RecordNow Deluxe 7.3 failed to do this - and apparently also decided that the PGC5 location was the best, and doesn't bother to look for instances of shared/re-used cells in other PGCs. Clearly this seems to be a bug in RecordNow Deluxe.


Now, if I had the same files compiled into an ISO with no LB flags in PGC1, will ImgBurn correctly insert the flag into PGC1? I ask because copied the RecordNow burned DVD to an ISO and looked for the LB location with the ImgBurn tool to find the best layer break and it presented the same the same 3 choices as PGCEdit did, though I didn't bother to burn it a second time to see if it would have inserted a LB flag into PCG1 since all 3 choices were really pointing to the same cell, but in other PGCs.


I'm curious whether ImgBurn would follow the same logic as Blutach's tutorial shows for re-used cells...?



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