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Am I just wondering around out here in left field or doesn't creating a ISO from a original DVD mean that the program (IB) would half to to decrypt the disk in order to create the file. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like LUK would be wright back in the same sinking boat he just got out of.

If it is a DVD without CSS (ie any DVD produced from a home camera/DVD recorder/burned to a DVD-R/RW/+R/RW), or a commercial DVD without CSS, then nothing has to be decrypted to read/copy/extract from the DVD.


AFAIK, the legal issues had NOTHING to do with reading DVDs, but the actual decryption of the DVD (ie breaking CSS while reading the DVD), and if the program were limited to only DVDs without CSS (ie non-encrypted DVDs), then there would be no legal issues.


I personally use the IFO mode of the previous gen to read non-encrypted DVDs all the time, which is completely legal.

I understand what you are saying and you don't half to explain to me your intentions.

My comment was directed mostly to everyone who has this idea. I can't speak for LUK, but I don't ever think you will see this option in ImgBurn and why, because he was in a world of shit over decrypter. It would have probably been just as easy for him to remove the decrypting routine in DVDD and rename the program something else which allowed it to read non-CSS protected disk, but he chose not to have a damn thing to do with a reader, just a burner and I can't blame him at all on that decision!

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Hey Blu, how are you and "H" doing? Finally fiqured out DILLIGAF !! :rolleyes: Been busy with Kirk doing server stuff :whistling::whistling: . Hope the wedding goes off without a hitch. Will be in touch later with some q's about pgcedit, just a couple of things I need your opinoin on. Say hi to firey for me..... :wub::drinks: Cheers.


* made this thread go off topic as usual :lol:

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=)) ...... that was a good one. All in one!

WHat's so funny about that? <_<

I don't mate what is so funny about it? Why don't you read other posts on the board and do a little research about the author and you will see why the request is quite humorous. :thumbup:


So you're saying if he adds an ISO->READ button to copy an UNPROTECTED DISC it is illegal? I know there are other programs to create an ISO file but don't you agree it'll be easier and less time consuming to be able to create an ISO and burn it with the same program, imgburn?

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Nissmo300, what your mentioning has already been done, This arthor can no longer support that program and is now working on IMGburn. This is a fantastic burning program, but that is all it will EVER be. Weren,t laughing AT you Issmo300, just the irony of your post........... :lol::lol:

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