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Bootable CD with IMGBurn


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I've been trying to make a Bootable CD with IMGBurn, but couldn't make it boot! I could however extract the Bootimage.Ima from the CD. I get an error message: "CAUTION: Couldnt' find Ntldr!" The irony is that I can burn the same extracted files (with same bootimage) succesfully with Nero. UltraIso, PowerIso, MagicIso, CDRwin, and it boots well!


Here are my settings w IMGBurn:


File system= ISO9660+Joliet


Bootable Disc

/ Make image boostable



Load Segment=07C0

Sector to Load=4


I've tried several other settings to no avail.


The story is that... I'm trying to make a new bootable Mini XP "Disaster Recovery" CD from my old copy. My 6 year old recovery CD couldn't read my new SATA HD so I have to inject the new drivers.


What could be wrong here? Could someone please comment...




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When you add the i386 folder, ImgBurn should prompt you to correct the settings.


Just accept them and it'll work.



Thank you LIGHTNING for coming back sooo quick. I'm figuring out ... the I386 is already embeded in the folder together with rest of the extracted files from my CD before burning it. I maybe wrong... Oftentimes, I would first make a bootable ISO image of the same and burn it. Lemme see!

The point is, IMGBurn works fine with an existing bootable ISO image as is, as downloaded. But when I alter the ISO to include some needed drivers, IMGBurn fails to burn it right unlike the rest of the software I mentioned.


Again, the story is ...


Several years back, Ive been hooked tinkering around with my PC for fun, making things work with BartPe, WinPe,

Hiren etc. I also had enjoyed decrypting DVDs! One morning at Doom9, I got DOOMED reading an article: The "Good and Bad news is" letter from the author. I really got misty eyed... I still have that letter here im my special files well taken cared of. I was laid off from computers (migrated to another meditative activities) so wasn't able to keep track of what was going on. Three weeks ago, I was searching the Internet for a way to make Foobar2009, record without bloated Nero installed. I read an article from someone "Lemonade" on how to do it with Nero 6 without installing it. He doesn't use Nero but a certain software IMGBurn. I got soo vibrated with the article, I decided to download IMGBurm and installed it. It made a quip of an old smelling software in my system. "Now, I'm gonna yank out DVD Decrypter from your system and assert my right from hereon, you won't regret it"


WOW! LIGHTNING is back!!! For years, I didn't know about this?


These past 3 weeks, I did nothing but played around with this new toy and even went to the extent of integrating it with WinXP Pro via Nlite. Hope you don't mind...


Thanks for all your efforts.



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It's not easy to see what your final disc will look like when you use ImgBurn, especially if you don't really know what you're doing.


It will however detect that you're building an OS installation disc if there is an I386 folder in the root of the image and recommend the appropriate settings for such a disc.


If your image/disc doesn't end up with an I386 folder in the root, that'll be why it's not booting... and it'll be due to your settings or how you've told the program to treat the single folder you added to the 'Source' box.


I've used ImgBurn several times myself for this very task so I know it works. The disc info 'Content Type' will even say 'OS Installation' when you get it right.

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So, If I have a Bootable CD, and decided to add some drivers in it I just couldn't extract the contents of that CD, and its bootimage, put it in a folder, make a bootable ISO and burn it with IMGBurn.


Thanks for your time.

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You make a folder (let's call it 'OS_DISC') somewhere and drag everything from the cd into it. Then add your new drivers and stuff.


Then you extract the boot image from your bootable disc and have ImgBurn feed that boot image back into itself. (answer 'yes' to the prompt!)


Add that OS_DISC folder to the source window and that should be it. The program will recognise the I386 folder within the OS_DISC one and should build (after a prompt) an OS Installation disc.


All of what I mention above assumes default settings within ImgBurn with regards to prompts etc (and not auto answering them).


Don't forget, you should see a line like this in the log window if everything is being picked up correctly...


I 19:53:39 Content Type: Operating System Installation
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Sorry, for all the trouble I've caused you. My intentions were to exchange messages with the group not to keep ringing your doorbell. I didn't know I was in the wrong forum. I just fell in love with IMGBurn I felt it can do the same thing other

softwares can do and more. If Nero, can make a bootable CD, outrightly from the contents of my old bootable cd by just adding the bootimage, I felt IMGBurn can do the same thing, but it can't! It could be my settings ...


However, I found the solution, and thanks for your filler. What I did was to get a fresh copy of I386 and overwrote it with the I386 of my BartPe Bootable CD. IMGBurn got so talkative and so busy I knew something good was happening. And it did! WOW, It made a bootable CD out of my extract! My compilation just grew from 150MB to 700MB, but works fine.


My apologies for all this hoopla. Thanks again for a remarkable software. You don't have to answer this...



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Yes, it's your settings. That's why you have to do it as I've outlined above.


ImgBurn doesn't break the specs unless you tell it to.


If the other programs want to, that's down to them.


I've done everything I possibly can to detect when you're building such a disc but if the user does something weird, I can't always account for that.


(btw, I'm not sure what you meant about the 'wrong forum' ? This one is fine. If you're reading what's written below this line, it's just my generic signature)

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