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Audio CD image names


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I want to backup most of my CDs (music library). If I use the Ez-mode screen and choose to create image file from disc, it generates a default file name to save as IMAGE.BIN (or whatever extension applies to my rip). Many of my CDs have ID Tags that my player reads.


Is there anyway to get the CD name from tags (or whatever is written on the CD) or from the online databases that other programs use to retrieve titles and tracks so I don't have to type in 600+ artist/album names?


I might be missing something, or this might be a feature request?


Congratulations on all of your work becoming a great program!

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Thanks. I found the CD Info icon on Imgburn and the CD I tried did not show any artist or album info. I tried others and they did show the tag info, and Imgburn did insert a proper file name to save the image.


Your program works as it should :) ....I just incorrectly assumed the CD I tried had the CD Text because it showed the track names in my car and iTunes.


thanks for replying and a great program!

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