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ISO from CD is created wrong


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take a windows xp install disk


click on 'create image file from disk'

change bin to iso



expected results: the ISO from ANY Cd-Rom should be identical to the output from linux command 'dd'


actual results:

- the iso file is not bootable with vmware

- the iso file cannot be mounted with linux command mount -t iso9660 -o loop

- the iso file cannot be unpacked with 7zip.


this is the first case a program creates a wrongly ISO

i have tested with another windows program (magic iso) and it creates the same output as linux 'dd'


this is a big dissapointment from this great program. it put me into an embarrasing situation. next time i'll count on linux and dd.

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If you just leave the file extension on Bin it'll work fine. You'll end up with a BIN and CUE file combo.


The program uses BIN if it's a Mode 2/2352 disc. An ISO should only contain Mode 1/2048 sectors... so basically this is your fault.


I WANT iso. and I don't care what's technically right or wrong. the WHOLE world is reading and writing ISO and linux dd is creating a GOOD iso. if you fail at that, without giving me the opportunity to create a "non-compliant" iso, but used by everyone, then your work is useless.


let's call it i want a byte-copy of a cd-rom disk which i will save into a file called mydisk.iso.

is your software able to give me this option?

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If you don't like what the :worthy: Boss :worthy: replied to your question there is no reason to be a rude and obnoxious asshole about it. Write your own program or go get something else...whining like a little bitch is not going to get what you want done and is only going to lead to bad feelings <_<

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Linux dd is probably converting the image contents in order to create an ISO image and ImgBurn doesn't do that. ImgBurn uses the correct image format to store the disc's data and if that's not good enough for you then you should keep using dd and its conversion :dunce:

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I *am* doing a byte copy, that's the problem.


The track is Mode 2 so ImgBurn creates a file with Mode 2 sectors. It's the only way to get a 1:1 copy of the disc, otherwise you'd read your mode 2 disc, create a mode 1 image and then burn a mode 1 disc. That is clearly NOT a 1:1 copy.


Don't argue if you don't understand what's what.

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