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Help with Bitsetting and Liteon


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I currently have a Lite-on SHW-1635S S/W Ver YS0W in WinXP SP2 machine. I'm trying to burn Verbatim 2.4X and RITEK 2.4X DVD+R DL disks using imgBurn's Book Type setting. It appears there is an error in the way the book type is set, comparing my media info to my my friends I can see that my burner changes the 'Disc Structure' byte as well


My backup data:

01 0F 31 10 00 03 00 00


My Friends backup data:

01 0F 32 10 00 03 00 00


My Verb disks start blank with a Disc Structure byte = 0x32, once the Liteon drive has had it's way Disc Structure is 0x31. This causes my target device to go ballistic, without bitsetting the disk is merely rejected as a DVDR. My friend can burn a disk with the correct media info so whyshould my LiteOn drive do something different


Help !!!! Im making a lot of coasters :(

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If you're going to try and get technical about things and show some raw command data, please at least tell me EXACTLY where you're getting it/reading it from!


From what little you've said, I would assume you're saying it comes from reading the physical format information, as part of the 'Read Disc Structure' command.

That 32 changing to a 31 is correct. It means it gone from being 'recordable' to 'embossed' (i.e. burnt).


I think your problem lies elsewhere.

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