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choose which layerbreak


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I can put layerbreak it in the scene (LBA1) 1643056 -> 2065152 because is scene change ... or scene (LBA3) 1975689 -> 1975696 , both are good.


but there difference in "padding"(optimizaci

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SPLIP = Seamless Playback Linked In PC


If you have a recent DVD player that can make the transition from layer 0 to layer 1 without a hick up it it's set to Yes - then use the option 'Seamless layerbreak = Yes'. Only way to know if your stand alone player supports it - is to try. I have a pre historic LG that supports it.


I would go for the first option - 1643056 -> 2065152. But I'm sure even if you select your second option - you can't see any playback issue (if the burn is ok).



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