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BUG with boot dvd's


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Hi there!

May I explain a bug?

As for me, when I create a Bootable Disk with "Emulation Type: Hard Disk"

and choose my .IMA file as "Boot Image" then this bootable DVD doesn't boot!


My .IMA file is created from the real bootable hard disk (active FAT16 partition, MS DOS 7.1)!


But when try creating a Boot DVD with Nero and with this .IMA file, everything works! DVD boot my MS DOS.

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Yes! The disc Nero created definitely has the emulation type set to hdd!!!

And if I attempt to extract the boot image from the Nero disc via the 'Bootable Disc' tab, ImgBurn says: "Sorry, the extraction of hdd emulation boot images is not supported."



Now I tried to prepare the next IMA file using ImgBurn to make it from my hdd! The hdd now has one bootable active FAT12 primary partition and is's size is 8 Mb.

The result is the same :(



I have just uploaded this Imgburn extracted IMA: http://splushka.com/imgburn.ima

And Winimage extracted IMA: http://splushka.com/winimage.ima


And I have uploaded all ISO files:


Imgburn created:




Nero created:



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You must use the ImgBurn IMA to stand any chance of it working. The one from winimage doesn't contain the MBR and that's vital - the first sector is the bootsector instead.


Both the Nero images show that Nero has added its own bootloader. ImgBurn (plus 3 other burning tools I tested earlier) just use the provided image as-is.


The imgburn_from_imgburn.iso boots into dos just fine from within vmware. The imgburn_from_winimage.iso one doesn't, but that's to be expected because the ima file was missing the mbr.


I've put some checks in now to warn people if I think the mbr is missing from their file.

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Thank You very much!

I am confused. WinImage has an option to make an image with an MBR prefix to integrate in a bootable CD-ROM!!! This option is "Export to an image with a MBR"!!! But I didn't see it! I am dummy! Sorry.

I like Imgburn very, very much!

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Yes, of course! It works fine! First I didn't find it because my "Sun xVM VirtualBox" didn't boot it. I don't know why... May be it is a BUG in Sun xVM VirtualBox :) Later I burned imgburn_from_imgburn.iso to blank DVD-RW and I was happy when try booting my computer from my DVD drive!

Many, many thanks!

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