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How to create a Windows XP installation disc


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For users running Vista or Win 7 the following command sequence might work for integrating XP SP3:

WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe /integrate:"T:\WXPVOL_EN"

Tested on a Win 7 x64 RC host using as a source a XP Pro SP1 OEM install CD, please note that only the OEM key has been checked.

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Yes it is and while I can't test if it fixes the problem with VLK keys, it is at least clear that integrating XP SP3 on a Vista / Win 7 host will not fail in all cases as the guide seems to suggest.


EDIT: I borrowed my work's VLK copy today and did a test on it. The method appears to work, however because the copy is not clean (been nLited to preset serial, company name and regional options) this test is not definitive.

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