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Convert Video_ts to ISO


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I have movies already ripped. Each is Video_TS and Audio_TS. Used imgburn converted to ISO but they came out the same as before.


Imgburn > Mode > build .....


Everything seemed smoothly. Took about 5 min for a 4.3gb movie. It came out a winzar, extract it there were two folders: video_ts and audio_ts. Inside video_ts a whole bunch of files BUP..... exactly the original one. What did I do wrong?

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You can also burn directly to disc (look in our Guides section), unless you want the ISO file for something else.


WinRAR associates itself with the .iso file extension so that's why it's opening the file when you double-click it.


So how to convert Video_TS to ISO? I thought after converted theses, files would became one big file ISO, not result same as before. I don't want to burn into disc just want to keep in my hard drive.



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Load WinRAR -> Options -> Settings -> Integration -> Uncheck the 'ISO' box -> Click 'OK' -> Close WinRAR.


Thanks. It works :rolleyes:


Does video quality degrade after converting like this? I watched them both and didn'e see any different but my eyes aren't that good though :'(


I don't know why I have to quote in order to respond?

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