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Device Not ready (Logical unit not ready, cause not reportable)


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For some reason the empty disc will not load in imgburn...

i've use the same brand name disc to burn games before and they work fine.

but when i put a disc that has data on it ImgBurn is able to load the file and detect it has file written on it

and i've already try restarting my computer

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nvm~ i got this problem fix.........i simply put a empty cd-r into my dvd-writer and img burn was able to read the empty then i put my dvd-r into my dvd write and it was also able to read the disc ~ sorry for making this stupid post = ="

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I am having the same problem here. When i try to burn an iso, i insert my blank dual layer (DVD+R DL) and it says "logical unit not ready, cause not recordable"

I have the same problem when i use DVD Decrypter...


This is the first time at using dual layer dvd's. I always used DVD Decrypter with DVD43 to rip the Video TS files to my hard drive and then used nero recode to fit them on a single layer dvd. I found that the compressed films always tended to freeze, hence to straight copy. i never had a problem with burning or recognition of media (whether DVD+R or DVD-R).I even tried using Nero to burn the video ts files instead of an .iso file but it didnt want to play either


i did the usual things, updated drivers, rolled them back again, load all the apti thing but no joy.


I think this may be the dual layer dvd's not being recognised. i am not sure if its software or wardware though. They are RiDisc Xtreme DVD+R D 2.4x8.5GB 240 mins.


Any ideas? i dont wont to go and spend more money on different blank DL dvd's for nothing.


Cheers all




p.s any ideas to stop recoded dvds from freezing? oh, are there any other easier ways of shrinking a dvd other than using recode

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All your problems are pointing directly to media quality.


They are RiDisc Xtreme DVD+R D 2.4x8.5GB 240 mins.


Verb +R DL are the only DL media to use, the ones your using are nothing but trouble.

As far as your SL burns, again media quality is the usual cause for freezing etc.

While you're at it check for the latest firmware available for your drive.

If your not sure how to do that, post a log from ImgBurn, and we'll help you sort it out.

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