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Horrible DL Burns???


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I am getting sick of waisting expensive DL media. I've got some Verbatim 8X DVD+R DL (MKM 003) media and I was hoping for some decent scans, but I'm getting absolutely horrible scans. View the screenshots that I have attached. These are from the same .img file that I created in Encore DVD awhile back from a project that I did. I burned them using Imgburn.


Settings on my Benq DW1640:

Solid Burn: ON, ON (I think we talked about this awhile back- I don't think this setting matters because Solid Burn only works for SL media)


Overspeed: OFF


ImgBurn was set to burn at 8X

Booktype is set to DVD-ROM



Any tips you may have would be much appreciated!!!!



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I assume you've tried it just on 2.4x too?


Your best bet for help with this kind of stuff is over on the BenQ forum at cdfreaks.


There's a whole bunch of people who do nothing but talk BenQ. I'm sure someone there will tell you the best settings / firmware etc for burning those discs.

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