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Disc Finalizing


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I apologize for being picky, but I am trying to burn an ISO file that contains a firmware update for my new DVD player. The maker, Sony, states that the burned CD must be finalized before it is used. Sony further states that if the CD is used and there is anything wrong with it, the warranty for the player will be terminated. I've scanned the log created by ImgBurn for the burned CD and cannot find any step that indicates that the program has finalized the CD. Is this typical or does it imply that for some reason ImGBurn did not finalize the CD perhaps because of some interaction related to the ISO file that was being burned?

Thank you sincerely.

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If you want to check for yourself, pop the disc back in your drive and start ImgBurn in 'Read' mode (Create image file from disc).


Now have a look at the info panel on the right hand side, it should look something like this:


Optiarc DVD RW AD-7200A 1.09 (ATA)

Current Profile: CD-R


Disc Information:

Status: Complete

Erasable: No

Sessions: 1


If the Status says Complete it means the disc is finalized and no further sessions can be burnt on the disc.


Also if you're concerned about there being "anything wrong with it" you should always have Verify enabled when burning. :thumbup:

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