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  1. A simple way of achieving what you want, if you don't need a menu, would be to try DVD Shrink in Re-author mode. Just drag the titles you want into the DVD compilation window and it will create a new VIDEO_TS folder with a valid DVD structure that you can then burn with ImgBurn. Have a look here for a basic step-by-step guide.
  2. You'd burn it as you would any other data file, from the Ez-Mode Picker screen choose Write files/folders to disc (aka Build mode). As you probably know, since you have a LUKS file, it's an encrypted file system (similar to the type created by PGP Disk, TrueCrypt etc) and is mounted as a virtual disk after supplying the correct password, not to be confused with a disc image format like ISO, NRG etc.
  3. I have to admit I'm unsure from your question (and perhaps others are too) what it is you want to achieve? To burn files to a DVD you use build mode (Write files/folders to disc) but I get the feeling you don't simply want to back-up your flac files, 24 bit or otherwise... or is it that simple?
  4. No, nothing to worry about, it's purely informational. The important part is this:
  5. Why would you even want to? Anyway the supported write speeds are determined by the drives firmware, if you want to write at a speed that's not supported for the media you're using you'd have to create your own firmware for the drive.
  6. Have you read this pinned post at the top of the support forum? http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=12200 I think you're mistaken. Here's what is says in the log you posted... I 16:58:42 Book Type Setting: DVD-ROM It depends on a combination of your drive/firmware and the media used. Slower isn't necessarily better and that's apparently what your drive manufacturer thinks too, these are your options for those Verbatim DL blanks... I 16:54:25 Destination Media Type: DVD+R DL (Disc ID: MKM-003-00) (Speeds: 4x; 6x; 8x) .
  7. Do you have a multi system DVD player? Your standalone may also be rejecting the disc if it only supports the NTSC format (North American system) in which case you'd also need to convert from PAL to NTSC when converting the original file.
  8. Hi Karen, ImgBurn is freeware and if you paid someone for it then you were ripped off and should definitely ask for your money back. Please read this recent post, I hope it helps... http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=13291
  9. Are you still looking for suggestions? Some people prefer dBpoweramp over EAC (but I'm not one of them). According to their website it's compatible with Windows 7 and 64 bit versions. The 'free' version is severely crippled but there's a trial version which should give you an idea if you need the additional features and want to pay for them. Another alternative for you might be foobar2000, it's a freeware audio player with native support for many audio formats and has a cd ripping component built in. It can rip selected tracks to wav or convert them to a compressed format of your choice to save space like mp3 (lossy) or flac (lossless) etc by copying the relevant encoder to the the main foobar2000 directory (e.g. lame.exe or flac.exe). The website says it supports Windows 7.
  10. What you describe sounds like a ZCLV (zoned constant linear velocity) write strategy which is not something to be concerned about. Modern high speed burners use different write strategies that vary depending on the model, firmware, media and selected write speed and often don't reach their maximum speed until approaching the end of the disc (especially if 16-20x was selected). Since the burning software can't control the write strategy, ashampoo may simply not be reporting the actual speed during the burn. The only difference I can see on the disc surface though is a distinction between the burnt inner portion and the unused outer portion. .
  11. I stand corrected... but not a bad substitute.
  12. Well, with respect to Verbatim CD-R's and single layer DVD's, if it has AZO on the packaging then you'll be getting MCC media code, if it doesn't have AZO on the packaging then it's one of the others... Or you could buy from a reputable online retailer that lists the MID.
  13. I've used EAC for years but only on XP and not with x64 anything, sorry... having said that, this page may help with any incompatibilities you may face (if I understand correctly it may be best on Win 7 to install it somewhere other than the usual Program Files directory). Yes it converts as well, the configuration wizard gives you the option of setting up for MP3 if you wish. You might want to take a look through this guide to the various EAC options for a better understanding of the program, including compression options if you'd prefer a different format. http://wiki.hydrogenaudio.org/index.php?title=EAC_configuration Edit: You should be able to download it safely from RareWares if you're still having problems. .
  14. Ummm... you've got it all backwards, despite being given the answer twice already. Your question is specifically about double layer blanks and all Verbatim double layer DVD's are manufactured by MKM (Mitsubishi Kagaku Media), hence the MKM media ID... nothing to do with Ritek at all. . Edit: ooops, too slow...
  15. Sorry if I caused any confusion... UDF is the file system used on the DVD, and there are several versions of it to choose from (revisions), but since no-one else has commented on it then it's probably not a factor in your case. Let us know how it goes if you do try ImgBurn to create the ISO, as you said above (I guess you saw the guide for it already).
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