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Windows 7 cursor bug while burning


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I think I found a bug while using ImgBurn 2.5. I'm using Windows 7 Professional 32-bit and I was burning DVD files to DVD+RW. Once it started burning, my cursor became the loading cursor (green circle) and I couldn't click anything. I could only click anywhere in the task bar, start menu, and desktop. But once I hovered over a program window, it turned back into the green circle and couldn't click anything.


I've also tried using Tab or arrow keys on my keyboard to try to select the file menu of a program but it didn't respond. It opened the start menu when I clicked the Window key on my keyboard though. So I waited until the burn process was complete but surprisingly, the green circle thing continued and I could not even click "Ok" after "Operation Successfully Completed" to close ImgBurn. I had to log off and log back on. So then I tried burning another project, this time to DVD-R and the same thing happened. This second time since it was just after relogin, I had no other programs running and I still could not click out of ImgBurn after burn process was completed.


Hopefully this bug will be addressed in the next update.

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