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to get a list of switches availabe run the following command



C:\Program Files\ImgBurn>ImgBurn.exe /?


I would like to see a switch for stealth mode where it is invisible


or minimal mode (minimal mode would be a progress bar. would be good if you can pass parameters to change the appearence of the progress bar.


One more suggestion would be to make it embed into a webpage

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I appears that you can't erase a DVD+RW using a command line, so .... (wait for it) .... Can you add a command line switch to erase your media?


(The only reason I ask is because I am going to use a few nsis scripts as batch files to backup my data, and I would like to explicitly erase my media before writing my image - reason for this is posted in the bugs forum by me).


[edit]fixed typo.[/edit]

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The CLI can't do anything the GUI can't - as CLI stuff just automates GUI bits.


Formatting / erasing etc is all done automatically already and that's where the existing '/ERASE' switch comes in.


I 'could' add it, yes, but I promise you that there is no need if everything is working as it should do.

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How about an option to not save the settings of ImgBurn?


Could be used for command line purposes only. The only reason I ask is because my backups using the build mode always leaves ImgBurn in the state when it exited, and I want it to stay in the mode that I last (manually) used it. Could be '/NOSAVE'.

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It is in the readme (although I don't have installed).


But you can always bring up a screen of CLI switches.


Go into DOS (Start, Run, Cmd)

Nav to ImgBurn folder

Type ImgBurn /?


They're all there.



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