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verification w/o media


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Win 7 x64

Asus 1608P3S EIDE (flashed to Pioneer 111LabelFlash)


Recorded CD-R by ISO+Joliet session, checkboxes - verification + cycle tray + close program


Probably i taken CD-R out, later i found ImgBurn in infinite loop, it closed empty tray, and kept "Device not ready" waiting loop.

I'd insert media back, yet i could not. ImgBurn locked the tray and gave no button to eject it. So i had to cancel verification and... and that all, there is no way to resume verification after cancelling it.


I think there qwas no reason for ImgBurn to enter infinite loop there :-)

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ImgBurn doesn't lock the tray when it's attempting to cycle it.


It's not in a loop, it's just waiting - which is exactly what it's supposed to do.


Of course there's no way to resume something you've cancelled, that would defeat the purpose of cancelling it in the first place.


Nothing is stopping you from using Verify mode to do it manaully - unless you burnt on the fly of course ('Output' set to 'Device').

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