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Acceptable video file formats for IMG


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This is my first foray into this subject so if my post is obvious to some then I apologise. I have downloaded some small video clips of old films using an application called "any file converter" It allows me to save the clips in a number of formats, for example

flv,mpg,MPEGI, MPEGII,AVI, mp4 etc. I have tried a number of these and all have been successful, however when I ry to load them into IMG in order to save them to a blank DVD,IMG doesnt accept them. So in short, what formats does IMG accept? Once I know that, I'll try to find a an application that caters for it/them

Many thanks

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are you saying you can't import those video files in ImgBurn???


ImgBurn can burn any Data to Disc!!


Its not a File Format thing,,,



Yes, I think thats exactly what I'm saying??. When it asks me to find a file to burn it wont recognise any of the ones I try

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