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AudioCD image from flac


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I have some flac files that I wish to import into itunes,I usually burn to disc then import to itunes which will then use a cddb to name tracks and artists, but then I'm left with a physical cd which I will never use.


is it possible to use Imgburn to create a virtual audio cd which I can mount with virtual clonedrive to import into itunes?


In build mode Imgburn just creates an data cd image with flac files

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It has a virtual burner (same as the one you linked to). When you install it you get 2 drives, one normal 'ROM' type drive and the other is a burner - you can of course add more if you want to.


So you burn to it as you would do any other burner using whatever software you fancy.


Seeing as how it's a virtual drive and ImgBurn can burn MP3 (and a host of other formats) to an audio disc, it can be used to make a virtual CD-R or whatever that iTunes can then read from.


I've only used it briefly for some virtual BD-R testing but in theory it should work fine if it does what it says on the tin!

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