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What Are Required Settings For Building iso Image?


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WinXp Professional SP2 32bit;

2 tasks - one followed by the other. First build iso file to hard disk from vob container 'VIDEO_TS' folder (which is on my hard disk). Second write that iso file to DVD which says Sony DVD-R 120min/4.7 GB AccuCORE 16x/1x. Understood your excellent forum guides.

Before I even do both these things I wish to configure settings correctly. There are 3 settings:-

  1. Build settings - fully understood
  2. Write settings - fully understood
  3. Settings under Tools Menu - my queries only pertain to this :rolleyes:


Is it okay if I set it this way?

1) Tools-Build-Page1

  • Image Layout File Format - I have tickmarked CUE, DVD & MDS
  • Log File/Folder Non Compliant Names - I have tickmarked ISO9660, JOLIET & UDF. (For naming label & volume I would use ISO9660+UDF)


  • Options-Write Mode-Auto - Chose it since it automatically determines the best speed based upon DVD brandname, DVD quality & the drive burn speed as configured by my operating system
  • Process Priority - was set at high & I let it remain that way

3)Mode-Build-Options-Image Options

  • Data Type - Mode1/2048 - did not understand this. Left it unchanged.What does this mean??:rolleyes:
  • File System - ISO9660+UDF
  • UDF Revision - 1.02 - did not understand this. Left it unchanged.What does this mean??:rolleyes:


  • Write Errors, Software Retries, Finalize Disc-Auto Retry 20 - let this setting remain unchanged
  • Finalize Disc, Ignore Errors - did not tickmark this
  • Enable Burn Proof - did not tickmark this because if I had tickmarked it would not allow me to add any more files


  • File Associations - Tickmarked CDR, IBQ, MDS, BIN, CUE,IMG, CCD, ISO, DVD, IBB
  • Set ImgBurn As Default Application - Left it unticked. This way it may appear on my context menu as an option I guess

5)Tickmarked the tickbox called Auto below the calculator so that it will automatically calculate & tell me if the iso image would fit into my DVD disc even if I forget


Have I planned all the input parameters correctly? Please provide me guidance? :)

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@mmalves - Thanks. I left settings untouched wherever I did not understand. Thanks for the attached guide.

@The Author - I have nothing against SP3. I have it only because my system builder friends recommended it. That's the only reason:)

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Thanks to this great software & sound advice from all of you I successfully wrote my DVD-R on my very first attempt & it looks nice. The functionalities, gui, the way the log captures everything & indeed everything else not only makes things simple but also simplifies the process & tells you how long it took. ImgBurn is really great because generally in other software these processes are quite complex & time consuming. :)

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