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How to add ImgBurn to the list of programs for AutoPlay of an empty CD or DVD in Windows 7


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Inserting an empty CD/DVD into my RW drive leads to a windows popup where I can choose from different applications dealing with empty media.

As I was missing my favourite application (ImgBurn, no doubt), I tried to specify it in Windows but ...

... it seems that there's no other way to accomplish this without fumbling in the windows registry (let me know if you have a tip for me !)

I used the entries made by RealPlayer as a guideline and made some additions to the registry and it works !




Before providing the changes that hopefully will also work for others I have to babble about the usual precautions and warnings when

making changes to the windows registry:

Make backups, do it on your own risk, only do it if you know what your doing, etc. ...

before you wreak havoc and upheavel to your system !

Here are the proposed additions to the registry (you may have to change the paths for the desktop icon and the executable

if you installed ImgBurn into a non-default location or are using a non-64bit flavour of Windows 7 ):


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