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Wave-ex file support is missing?


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Hi, I had a problem and found the solution. Thought I would post my findings.


When I tried to create a CUE file with some WAV files I have, I suddenly got this error:

ConnectFilters(Source, Sample Grabber) Failed!


I found a few threads here which didnt help me to resolve it. I thought it was because my WAV was 32bit, but it wasnt that. Then I finally found an option when I created my Wav. I use windows 7 + cubase sx5. The option was called "Don't use wave extensible format". I checked this box and then imgburn added it to my cue list perfectly.


From this information it leads me to think, its either I need codecs\filters for Wave-Ex format, or your software isn't set up to handle it? I dont know much about wave-ex, also I don't really require a patch as I have a work-around, but I thought I would come here and post, and help out.



wave extensible format



... great software lightning ;-)

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Can you send me a tiny wav with this issue please?


Email it to support (check the program's about box).


Generally speaking it's down to DirectShow to handle the conversion, ImgBurn has precious little to do with it.




i just also noticed that 32bit fails with wave-ex on or off. but 16bit only works with wave-ex off. I did installed k-lite(full) so not sure whats the prob. i run 64bit version of windows 7.




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AC3Filter seems capable of handling/converting them. I have that installed anyway and as a result, ImgBurn opened the one you sent me just fine.


um i see, well i just installed ac3 filter lite, and tried it again, but i think it must be some glitch in my system. probably windows 7. thanks for looking into it though.

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Probably best to take k-lite off to be honest. You probably don't need all the stuff it puts on and it might be doing more harm than good.


My graph is just:


D 21:10:53 Filters: Source -> Wave Parser -> AC3Filter -> Sample Grabber -> Null Renderer


Not sure what's different about the lite version, I don't use that one.


In the ac3filter config, on the system tab, I have all the boxes ticked under 'use ac3filter for' and 'filter merit' is set to 'prefer ac3filter'.

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