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ImgBurn's bin and cue files


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I'm a recent convert to ImgBurn and new to this forum. BTW, I just love this program! :D


My latest project is backing up my audio CD library. I have all of my converted CDs stored on my hard drive in .bin / .cue files.


Question: Is there any programs that can play my music directly from these files?


I'm curious also to know what other programs can use/read these files created by ImgBurn?



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Virtual drive programs that support CUE files can mount them, then they'll play exactly like the original disc.


I know for sure that DAEMON Tools supports them.


You can use Virtual CloneDrive if you also enable CCD output (CCD is an alternative to CUE).


The DVDFab Virtual Drive might also support CUE files, I'm not so 'up' on that one.


Most burning programs support CUE files. BIN/CUE combo is kind of 'the' standard for CDs. (* where ISO cannot be used, as is the case with an audio CD)

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