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Lack of vendor support for Win 2008 R2 - Need infor for team lead.


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I have not yet found any good CD/DVD burning software vendor support for Windows 2008 R2. We have just created a Windows 2008 R2 build box. I currently use ImgBurn at home for burning CD's, and ImgBurn installs and works on my Windows 2008 R2 workstation. I have never seemed to have a problem with it.


I am hoping to convince a team lead that ImgBurn is good for a build server. We will need to burn CD's/DVD, maybe Blu-Ray and send these images out to QA and eventually a third party duplicator for mass production release to the field. The project is a shrink wrapped product for home and institutional use. As a build developer, ImgBurn seems to be a lot more convenient to use than other products because I can create text files (.IBB) with all of the settings pro-grammatically and then generate ISO's from the command line.


I understand that ImgBurn does not support multisession burning. If multisession disks are "closed" or finalized after burning with ImgBurn, this indeed would be great. I suspect that this is the case and I have nothing to worry about, I just want to be sure. I was warned that someone using a purchased software package burned some data CD's and did not close of finalize the masters. This caused problems when released to the vendor that duplicates the CD's for product release to the field.


So here are my questions that I would like to answer for rhw team lead:

  • Does ImgBurn properly close or finalize the CD/DVD after burning? Master CD's would need to be finalized for duplication.
  • ImgBurn seems to be at least or more flexible than other common burning software such as Nero or Roxio as far as burn settings that can be set (ignoring multisession settings). Is this indeed the case? I would love to confirm this.


I'll at least give my own personal thanks to LIGHTNING UK! for my own personal use of the ImgBurn product, it has worked great me.


Thank you,

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