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I just tried upgrading to the latest version...


I really did not recall seeing permission to install the Ask toolbar.

The Ask toolbar was added. I then went to add/remove ( windows XP) and removed the Ask toolbar. However, when I opened my browser ( IE8) my homepage had changed from the Verizon homepage to the Ask homepage). I had to do a system restore to get my homepage back.


Is it just me or is the Ask toolbar being added without permission?





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It's just you.


For fun I installed the latest ImgBurn here on the work computer (XP Pro SP3) - never had it installed before, DVD drive is a reader only so never really needed.


Sure enough, there is a permission window, 6th one in by my count right after the "Choose Start Menu Folder". Labeled "Ask Toolbar Installation".


Unchecking all the boxes keeps it from installing. No changes made to either IE8 or FF; nothing from "Ask" in XP's Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

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I'm bumping this thread (no need to start a new one on the subject I think) to express my concerns too.


I clearly understand that adding a crapware (let's call a dog a dog, right ?) is a way for you to earn a bit of money.

Problem is, that toolbar phones home before we can even say "no I don't want to install that useless toolbar". Yes, before we can decline its installation.

I know bundling toolbars into freeware apps is getting more and more common these days, but that doesn't make it a good move.

Not being a click happy user is a thing, not watching the network activity of the installer is another. That "phone home" thing cleary does make your app an adware, sorry if you don't like that word, but even if we don't install it, Ask is still informed (unless you have a good firewall that warns you).


I'm clearly on the side of users who would donate as your dedication clearly needs to be rewarded but now, why would I donate knowing that you're getting money anyway from Ask ?

If you want to earn money from the work you're doing (or simply raise the level of donations), why don't you just offer premium support to those who donate ? Or just move from freeware to shareware ?

Right now it looks more like : "Yes, it's freeware, but please donate. Oh and please install that toolbar.". We're getting freeware because they're free as implied by their license.

I don't understand why developers would go the freeware way if they're going to bundle toolbars, sponsors links...


Still, that doesn't change the fact that your app is a gem.

But now I refrain myself for recommending it as most of my friends won't see that phoning home "feature".

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