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Virtual BURNER (NOT mounter)


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I'd like to see a new function in a program like this: the virtual burner.

I explain better: I'd like to have a virtual drive that can not only mount ISO, but also that is visible to the system as a proper burner (for example faking a very common model in order to ensure the maximum compatibility with programs that use real burners) but that, instead to burn to physical DVD, burns to ISO images.

Why this?

Well, just think about all these netbook and ultra portable laptops without the CD/DVD drive and imagine that you need to (this is my case) create external recovery disks since these b__ards now don't give even them with the machine. I've 2 ways: buy a 16GB USB key, use the software to create the image on the USB drive (and it's usable 1 - one! - time only), and forget the USB key in some drawer; OR buy an external DVD burner, plus DVDs and finally burn this s__t (which I'll need only in case I'll resell the machine, since I'm going to eradicate the regionalized version of the OS in favour of the US one + another OS like a debian Linux).

Or in case you're preparing your own music compilation mp3 -> musical CD and you don't have a burner under your hands in that moment...


Regards, Alex

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