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What are the really bad compare failures?


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I used to assume that anything with a compare failure was a coaster, but I got six in a row today and decided to do the comparison on another machine with DVDInfoPro.


The results came back between 92 and 99 percent, scores which I believe will playback fine in a standard DVD player.


So it would help me to know more specifically how a compare failure tracks with a PIE/PIF/POF or whatever.


The answer or links to the answer would be greatly appreciated.

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There's little or no relation between the two of them.

I guess I'm still confused a bit then, because when I just switched from TYG02s to TYG03s, I got two successful burns / compares on different drives after six failures.


I did not reboot the machine or exit the application.


I burned 8x with both media.


Guess I should toss out the TYG02. Hadn't had a problem with that media before.

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