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Problems with writing speed on LG GSA-H10 series writer


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Ok, a little update:


First of all, you were right about the "hickup" with the IBG missing measuring values. This time it worked fine... :)


I re-installed the nVidia IDE drivers and burned an MCC004 16x single layer disc at MAX setting.

It started at 7 something , went to 8x and stayed there for the rest of the burn.


I think it's clear now that the nVidia IDE drivers are somehow causing this problem. Still weird though, that Nero and CD/DVD-Speed are not affected. Both programs burn at 16x or 6x for dual layer discs even with the nVidia drivers. Probably because Nero uses a different interface to access the drives.

It's also strange that I never noticed that before I got the H10 writer. As far as I can remember my old LG 4163b never had a problem reaching 16x on single layer discs with ImgBurn AND the nVidia drivers.


I also have a NEC 4571a writer on the second IDE Channel. I bought that one to replace my 4163b but the writing quality sucks so I got the H10 only one week later. Would be interesting to see that writer can burn at 16x with ImgBurn and the nVidia drivers.


If so there must be a specific problem with the H10, possibly with Firmware JJ11, and the nVidia IDE Drivers.


I might also try to use a different interface for ImgBurn. Which one would you suggest? ASPI? ASAPI?

I don't think I have the Elby Drivers installed any more.


And one more question: What exactly does the "SPTI Use CD-ROM Class" option do?

Is it worth a try disabling that?


- Michael

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I use the Nvidia drivers too (latest nForce4 ones) and have tested quite a few discs for the 'Drives & Media' forum with my new H10N. I've not noticed any weird speed issues as of yet, but I haven't done any DL burns with it on the AMD/NVidia computer yet.


The burn I did for this thread was on USB connected to an Intel board/chip.


Driver wise, I wouldn't use ASPI/ASAPI at all. If you want to try something other than SPTI, ElbyCDIO or Patin Couffin are the only ones to go for IMO. It wouldn't take 2 secs to stick CloneDVD or something on so that you can test them. It's probably worth giving it a shot, you've nothing to lose!


You could try the cdrom class thing, all that basically does is tell the program to seach for drives via drive letters (i.e. C:, D:, E:.....Z:) rather than CdRom1, CdRom2....CdRomX.


Maybe that accesses the devices at a different level, I really have no idea, sorry!

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Let's revive this cause there's some news regarding my little problem.


I didn't have much time lately and not much to burn so I didn't spend much time trying to solve it.

But today I once again had to burn an image and before I did, I installed Version 2.0.

And guess what: It burned at maximum speed without any problem:




I didn't change anything here and ImgBurn 1.3 still couldn't burn at max speed last week.

Must be something you did for the new version. Maybe even some tiny change you made for the beta you've been using when you tested the H10N...


Either way, my problem seems to be solved now!


Besides, thanks a lot for the cool new features of version 2.0.




- Michael

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