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Blank DVD issues


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I'm new to ImgBurn but have followed a guide and read the forums. I like the program, very nice, very user friendly.

I see a couple posts in the forums related to my issue but have not seen any resolutions.

I have 2 types of brand new blank DVDs, Verbatim DVD -R and Verbatim DVD +R DL.


With the DVD-R in Device output the burn button is grayed out and the status reads "Disc Not Empty" (and when I try to erase I get the error Failed to Erase Disc! - Reason: Incompatible Medium Installed, however if I switch output to Image File the burn button becomes accessable.


With the DVD +R DL, the burn button is again grayed out in Device output with the status of "No Reference Postion Found". Once again if I switch to Image File output the burn burn become available.


I have checked my drive capabilities and both types are there (not to mention I have used these to burn previously on this machine).Any thoughts?

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You can't erase DVD-R so that explains that one.


If the drive can't initialise Verbatim DVD+R DL then you should check for firmware updates and give the drive a clean using a cleaning disc.


If it still won't read them then you're probably out of luck and will have to get some different discs (maybe the 2.4x speed Verbatim discs) or a new drive.

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Thanks Lightning for both the software and the reply.

I am going to try cleaning and some different disks but in the mean time I have pulled my older computer out and installed DVD shrink and ImgBurn on it and all is working fine (alittle slower than I would like but the quality is good).

Thanks again for the help. I will reply to this post if I figure out the problem so others may have a place to start if they run into something similar.

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