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Here's a little story:


I don't now if it was suggested before, so here it is...


I've needed to make a Bootable CD, all went well, than I wanted to make a DVD Video but I forgot about the "Make Image Bootable" so in the end it came out as


I 19:43:09 Contents: 29 Files, 2 Folders

I 19:43:09 Content Type: DVD Video

I 19:43:09 Data Type: MODE1/2048

I 19:43:09 File System(s): ISO9660 (Bootable), UDF (1.02)

I don't know if this is a real problem, since the final disc plays OK.


I've just saw that in the log and I know it's my fault, I should have looked better at the final image content before clicked OK.


I also know that if I make a mistake in making a propper DVD Video, ImgBurn will notice me and suggest the correct adjustments.


Maybe there are others like me, that not read entirely the image content or have checked "Don't Prompt Image Details" in Settings...


Can you add a worning popup or something that say something like "Are you sure that you want to make this DVD Video disc Bootable?" becouse there is no need of such thing.


Thank you!

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Ok, I've added a prompt for DVD Audio/Video, HD DVD Video, Blu-ray Video, DivX Video type discs where if the bootable bit is still enabled it'll prompt the user.


It already did the opposite for OS installation discs (i.e. prompt when it wasn't bootable) so this makes perfect sense.

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