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new window opens when burning multiple discs


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Using the latest version for a while....I just started having a weird problem where whenever I'm burning more then one copy of a video, when I load the second disc, another screen opens and starts looking for anther burner to use. Which I have to x-out of it to continue my burning operation....everything else works fine.



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Sorry, I'll try to be more clear....Ok I open IMG to burn two copies , after the first one is done burning the tray opens , I put a new blank disc in and hit OK , the tray closes and before starts to burn the second disc a "NEW" IMG window

opens and wants me to select a file to burn, which I have to "X" out of and when I do my original window has already started burning the second copy...........everything burns fine but this never happened before....just a little wierd.


Thanks again



quote name='LIGHTNING UK!' timestamp='1291502162' post='125803']

Sorry, I've no idea what you mean.


Can you post a screenshot or something?

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