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I need some with burning Xbox360 games


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I trying to burn Xbox260 games.without any success

i have :



2.TEAC dvd+r 8.5GB double layer (disks)

3.ImgBurn prog

4. 3 full games that i dwonload.that come with iso file(7.29 gb)+dvd file.


recently i read many guides you how to burn these games.

I worked according to those guides, and changed the settings like it said...

like this tut:


After all this i still dont success to burn games..

First i thought that the problem is with the disks or the files that I download are not good.

But I think it does not make sense that I downloaded three complete games and they all are not good!


i get this eror:




Uploaded with ImageShack.us


What can i do ?

what is the problem ?

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A full log showing a burn and verify session would tell us more than a screeshot.


Your drive have an updated firmware, try again after installing it http://www.firmwarehq.com/LG/GSA-H42N/files.html


Use high quality discs. Verbatim are recommended.


So if I understand you correctly

There is no chance that there is a problem with ImgBrun or my ISO games ?

The problem may be my DVD-drive or MY CD that I purchased ?

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