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Delete folder on failure bug


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ImgBurn deleted the Desktop folder of my fresh WinXP install. Here's how I invoked this bug:



I attempted to create an ISO image from a disc. I chose to save the file on my desktop as filename.iso.

I got impatient and canceled the process.

It asked me if I would like to delete the partial file and containing folder. I clicked yes.

It deleted my /Desktop/ dir.


I expected it was only deleting a temp folder or something, so I clicked "yes" without much thought.


Great product, guys! Keep up the good work. And yes, I was able to manually create the Desktop dir (which I could not find in my Recycle Bin).



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It asked (the folder must have been totally empty - where are your icons?!), you clicked 'Yes'.


Technically, that's not a bug in the program, it's a bug in you :)


p.s. that account you're using is now banned. BugMeNot is a great idea but it has no place here.

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