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Making a bootable ISO from Files and Folders Help


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Ok Here is my story/problem I am trying to make and ISO by selecting "Create image from files and folders" from a Windows 7 ISO that has already been extracted to files/folders. Long story short it cshould not have been extracted and now the original ISO is gone.


The only problem is that I am completely new to ImgBurn and the whole ISO creating altogether.


So here is what I have so far and where I am stuck.


When trying to create the ISO of the files and folders I get a message from ImgBurn that I need to 1. make sure its in the right file format and 2. make sure it's bootable.


So I went back to make sure the correct settings are right, here is what I have so far:


I select "Create image from files/folders"

I select my "Source" folder.

I then select the "Destination" folder.

Under "Options" I select "File system UDF" suggested by ImgBurn. (Are the rest of the defaults here safe?)

Under "Advanced" I go to the "Bootable Disc tab".

I select "Make Image Bootable".


Now from here I am at a loss as to where I get the Boot Image from and what to do with the rest fo the options.


Also am unsure if there are other options/selections I should be selecting to make this a fully functioning Windows 7 ISO, which will be made into a DvD.


Any and all help will be much appreciated!

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