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Kaspersky Warning


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I know it is not a big issue (I click on "Yes, I trust") , but maybe this can be solved in a future release?


Just a suggestion.


The confusing things is that this popup shows up, even though I had not launched IMGBurn.

"Detected a potentially dangerous modification of the application". . .


Users might wonder..: "What modification?"







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The warning seems to indicate the ImgBurn installation program is trying to run.


If you aren't doing it, something else on your machine must be doing it automatically.


I have no idea what that might be (outside of the Secunia PSI app I mentioned earlier).


Is it trying to check for newer versions automatically ?


by the way immediately after install of v. 2.5.5. I got this.




okay, sofar so good, (click on "Yes I trust")


then I got this





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If you get those boxes AFTER the install of, it seems Kaspersky is rubbish at doing its job!


Surely the first box should pop up when you double click the 'SetupImgBurn_2.5.5.0.exe' file. That's fair enough but UAC would already kick in as the installer needs elevated privileges to work.


The second one should pop up as the installer attempts to overwrite the 'ImgBurn.exe' file - but as you've trusted the installer, it shouldn't pop up at all.


ImgBurn checks for updates when you run it, not when you don't. Even then, it only does that when you've said you want it to. So these boxes are nothing to do with it trying to update itself.

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Promised to get back on this.


Kaspersky Support suggested to make IMGBurn a 'trusted application', which I did.

I am not sure if this is indeed the solution and only time will tell.

The Kaspersky warning (with v.2.5.4) was the first time after install of IMGBurn

and that was not much later than the date of release, so somewhere since 15 dec.


Anyway, let's see.


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