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BD-R 50 Question....


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whats the best all around media to use with imgburn and bd-r 50gb? is it still verbatim? or how is tdk looking? i can get both verbatim 2x or 4x bd-r 50gb media and tdk 4x bd-r 50gb media for the same price..... i was just still wondering if verbatim is still the king.... write speed doesnt matter much to me.......=) and yes.... i have tried searching.... and searching....

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This one is hard to answer. I have seen TDK BD-Rs that have TDK as the ID, but then I am starting to see Ritek creep up again. Normally yes I would say Verbatim still, but obviously the disc ID is not MKM (Mitsubishi Kagaku Media), it is actually VERBAT-imd-xxx, (VERBAT-IMd-000) or something to that line.


I think I have actually seen TDK branded media in someone's log that actually had the ID TDK, but I wouldn't go for TDK since they stopped making their own media and outsourced it to third parties (Ritek).


I would probably stick with Verbatim but I hope someone with more experience with bluray burning can confirm this, maybe LUK perhaps can confirm this.

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Well I don't trust it. On the "review" for the TDK discs, I can't tell anything from the picture of the hex dump they posted. I can't get a clearer picture nor do they even give you the name of the disc (disc ID/DYE). The brand can SAY TDK, but if the Disc ID/DYE is something else, then it doesn't matter if it says TDK.






* TDK's Blu Ray media predictive quality rating is 96%, the second highest score in the category.

* We consider TDK Blu Ray media to be of archival quality.

* At this time we recommend TDK Blu Ray media for any use, including data archival.


HOW? On what basis do they come to that conclusion? It is a short article; what burner did they use? Burning software? Did they use the verification on the same software? What software did they use to test the burns afterwards?


This is all they put for an image, and you can't see anything clearly.




I call shenanigans!




Also as for the Verbatim "review"




DATALIFE PLUS!? Are you fscking kidding me?! I CAN TELL YOU FROM FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCE that review is complete BS! DataLife Plus discs (DVDs are junk)


From that article:


The Verbatim DataLifePLus DVD line, however, kept its high quality and remained manufactured by the home team.




Yea sure, funny joke if you consider CMC-MAG discs quality, because thats what Verbatim DVD Datalife Plus is, CMC-MAG discs, NOT verbatims.


I would venture to guess also that perhaps the DiscID/Dye for Bluray is the same AS the DVD+-Rs, CMC-MAGNETICS. Pure G-A-R-B-A-G-E!


My experience with Verbatim "DatalifePlus" AKA LifeSeries

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