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In this area Image Burn is really crap


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Well, well, well, ....


I never thought I would write something bad about Image Burn since it is a free program, and I have used it without a problem for over 4 years, but there is a serious flaw in it which I have just 'discovered'.


When one writes to RW (rewritable) media, like I have just done with a DVD-RW, one cannot just update/overwrite ONE file. One has to rewrite the WHOLE amount of data. I am experimenting with batch files and I want to update this ONE file, on my custom created 2GB Win XP install + program/driver disc, when I change something in it. Not the WHOLE amount of the 2GB data, which is what I have been doing. Kinda tedious, don't you think?


So I had to download and install CD Burner XP. On the first screen, after choosing what you want to do, it asks 'Do you want to import the previous session ..', which I obviously do.


Now why doesn't Image Burn have that? Why does Image Burn assume that everything needs to erased on the disc? If Image Burn has this capability, why hide it? And where is it?


Also when writing to an RW disc you can't use Windows Explorer to drop files into it, which should be able to happen, even if UDF is used to create the disc.


The other really annoying thing it does is try and correct the file system one is using if burning an installation disc that has been customised (because it detects an I386 folder). I had to keep correcting the file system being used from ISO99xxx Joliet (can't remember the exact name) to keep it at the mode I wanted (UDF), otherwise it would rename a whole bunch of files that were ALREADY in the format required for an installation disc.


IF I am doing an EXACT copy (which does not seem to be an option by the way), WTF (why the ....) would this need to be addressed? Seems like the creator of the program is treating the user as a complete dunce.


Oh yeah, one other thing ....


I am burning from an Output folder where the structure of the finished DVD (which was created in Autoplay Menu Studio 8) is complete. What I am finding is that Image Burn takes these files/folders and recreates the actual structure of the filepath on the hard drive to these files and folders and so I find myself having to MOVE the files/folders from their location to the root of the DVD in layout view. Really stupid and time consuming. One cannot drag and drop into root of DVD layout.

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ImgBurn doesn't support 'building' multisession discs. That's why you can't 'update' a file.


Because you don't say either way, can I assume you're using a DVD-RW rather than a DVD+RW? ImgBurn always closes a disc when it burns - so no more data can be added (again, it doesn't support multisession 'building' so there's no need to leave it open or create a new one). Maybe that's why Explorer can't add to it?


Files aren't in a 'format' (ISO9660, Joliet, UDF etc), they're just data. Build mode doesn't know or care about the format of the disc/drive the source files are coming from. For the most part (i.e. 99% of the time), using the program's suggestion would be the right thing to do. If you're messing with special custom built os installation discs then you're in the other 1%. Sorry but you'll just have to deal with the suggestion popping up - or turn it off in the settings.


If you want to 'copy' a disc, you'd 'read' it to an image and then 'write' that image to disc. You shouldn't be using Build mode at all.


What does the structure of your output folder actually look like? If the program sees a special folder name that it recognises (VIDEO_TS, BDMV, I386 etc), it'll try and put things in the right place for the user. Again, for the most part, this would be correct. There has to be a line between just doing something and prompting for confirmation for every little thing it tries to do in order to help. If I made the program prompt for everything it currently does automatically, everyone would go nuts... but at least you'd be happy.

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I am writing to DVD+RW discs.


CD Burner XP actually asks you if you want to close the disc. Whereas the assumption you make is that all discs must be closed. All other programs that I have worked with give one the option of whether to leave open or close. Maybe this is something to incorporate into Image Burn?


As to how my output folder looks like here is a screen shot:




You will notice that it looks exactly like an installation disk with some additional files and folders.


The hand-holding that Image Burn does kinda leaves a bad taste.


As to copying the disc to an image then burning the image, yours is the only program that I know of that does that. One extra step, which in my opinion, is not needed. The copy function is one that most all of the other programs have.


So I have realised that as a free BURNING program, it is great. But as ANYTHING else (multi-session burning program, etc) it falls down FLAT.


And your last jibe doesn't really apply to me. In fact the opposite is true. Your program is popping up windows when I don't want it to. As to changing the behaviour in settings ... does that mean the program will do things that I don't want it to do?

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Sorry, I think I misunderstood your last point in the first message.


Are you saying ImgBurn makes a folder called 'AutoPlay Media Studio 8' in the root, an 'Output' folder in that and than 'Dell XP, programs and drivers disc' in that?


If so, you've probably enabled the 'Preserve Full Pathnames' option. Turn it off and try again.


If it was already off, I can't think of any reason why drag+dropping the 'Dell XP, programs and drivers disc' folder (or just its contents) wouldn't give you exactly what you need.

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Yes, your description of how the files were being burnt is correct.


Ok, I found where to turn off 'Preserve Full Pathnames'. I haven't tried burning with these settings off yet.


Mindy you, I am a bit puzzled as to why 'Preserve Full Pathnames' is enabled in the first place and of what use it is unless one is doing a backup of a drive or folder to preserve the folder/drive structure.


Anyway, thanks for your time.

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