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writing inage file to disc


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I need to ask this question, as I can not find the anwser. I need to clone a DL DVD. Lets say I create the image, from DL DVD, and this DVD is set to DVD-ROM. So when writing this newly created image to a NEW DL DVD I still have to set the bookmark to DVD-ROM? Or ImgBurn will know what to do, and it will clone the DVD to correct specs and settings - same as the other DVD? like a clone method.






its writing image, not inage :)

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You can't 'copy' or 'clone' the booktype of a disc, it's not user data.


The program automatically instructs supported drives to change the booktype to DVD-ROM. Many will booktype DL media to DVD-ROM without being told to do so.



when you say, supported drives so this means, when the drive is not supported ie: (not in the booktype tabs), it will not choose DVD-ROM? And the image burn, could not work? Sorry probably these questions are so obvious for most of the users here, but one has to start somewhere ;)


The reason I'm asking for this is that I have used ImgBurn before and I had no problems with creating img's and burning them (never had to change any settings either). But this (copied) DL DVD that I have and that I'm trying to create image from, and burn successfully working DL DVD is different, I have already tried twice and 2 DVD's wasted. I'm using different type of DVD would that mater?



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If you have a problem with something not working, please post a log showing you burning and verifying the disc.


It's much easier if we have all the info rather than having to ask for lots of little bits.


Thank you, for the reply. Computer that I have used with my 2 unsuccessful burns was my old home computer, with old Pioneer DVR-109 and old win installation. I tried the same image at work on much newer machine and worked fine. I dint isolate the problem yet, but this could be combination of old failing drive or/and 'abused' win configuration ;)

ImgBurn worked as expected, this would explain some bad burn that I had in the past. And most likely it was my H/W. Time to upgrade.


Thank you for helping me!

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