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Can I use DVD-R or DVD-RW


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I'm very new to this.


My JRC DVD Recorder uses DVD-R or DVD-RW disks. I want to edit these on my pc which has a NEC ND3500AG DVD re-writer.


Does ImgBurn support this NEC re-writer for burning to DVD-R or DVD-RW?


Reason I ask is that exploring the ImgBurn front page I came across Change Book Type which only had DVD+ media list against NEC


Or is Change Book Type something completely different? I did say that I'm new to this.......

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Booktype is something totally different and it only applies to DVD+R/+RW/+R DL media.


Yes the program supports all formats of media.



Thanks for that info. That's one more problem off my list!


I must admit that I like the look and robust feel of this program, my experiences with Nero even for burning CDs has always been hit and miss.


Thanks again.

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