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Some suggestions...


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Are you (mr. Lightning UK) planing to implement some of the following in the near future:


1. Image creation from CD/DVDs (even plain one-track ISO will be pretty OK)

2. Burning multitrack CD images

3. Support for BIN/CUE format (I believe this also includes no. 2 :) )



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No offence but they've all been suggested before, all been answered before!


1. Maybe one day.

2. Eventually.

3. Same as above.


I doubt there are really all that many discs these days that make use of multiple tracks. It's basically just for CDDA and even then, a lot of people have moved over to MP3's in a standard data disc.

I don't think I'd even bother with it but I'd like to get VCD/SVCD's working properly and they require 2 tracks.


Basic bin/cue files (where the bin is really just 1 session/track) can be burnt anyway. Just ignore that the cue is there.

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