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2 Players, 2 Different Issues....I Think


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Been using IMGBurn for quite some time now after becoming frustrated with blank discs in Infrarecorder. The main issue I am having is that some AVI files wont play on my player, and give a red X in the upper corner. Are there any write settings that would increase my chances of these files working, or are they just bad codecs/files?


Also I got a new player that seemed to have better compatibility with AVI files than my original, but today I switched back to the old becuase it has been cutting the end off of the majority of movies I watch. Any idea what could be causing this? I really like the new player, but man is it frustrating to have to finish a movie on the pc (which always plays the files just fine!). I recently tried to watch both Paul and Unknown and had to finish both on pc, and interestingly neither of those files will play on the older player. raaaaaaa!


Any help would be great, dunno what else to do!

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