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Best quality image file format for DVD backups


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I am backing up some of my movie dvds onto an external hard drive. The way I am going about this is creating images of the dvds and saving them to the external hard drive. This will store all of my movie backups and also allow me to mount them to a virtual drive so I can play them on my laptop when I go on trips. Right now I have been making the images in the .bin format but I have been using a .mds file instead of a .cue file.


My question is will .bin + .mds give me the best quality image of my dvd? I have tried to google search for information on the various image types but I have been unable to find information on what the best file type is for DVD Movie backups. I was originally going to use mdf / mds but ImgBurn doesn't support that. Which file type will give me the best quality images for my dvd movie backups?


Thank you for any help.

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