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Super 8 Movie Too Big ???

Haggis Cat

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I have solved this by accident and I don't know why it works now and not before, so any comments would be appreciated. The size of "Super 8" is a bit over 46 GB and the actual size on the disc is almost the full 50GB or 49.6 GB. Wnen I start the write procedure I am confronted with two choices to "burn to the end untill finished" and I can't remeber what the other choice was _ it doeasn't matter, sellecting either one produced burn failure. So I decided to completly wipe the disc which took a very long time as it said it would and when it got to 99% a couple of errors showed up. I thought oh well who cares it didn't work, but in fact it did, after that I was able to burn the entire movie on a Verbatum BD-RE DL. It appears to be a successful burn as it shows up in the laptop's Blu-ray writer as "Super 8" and the whole thing seems to be there of 49.6 GB almost filling the whole disc.

I know I should have posted the errors, but at the time I thought I totally corrupted the disc and I didn't bother. I also suspect the reason why it worked after totaly wiping the disc is that it got rid of some extra baggage from the last burn that was not needed when burning Super 8.

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