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Editing. Burning TV shows - help please!


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Please forgive if I am asking dumb questions, I?m completely new to this.


I have a JRC DR-M150SEK DVD Video Recorder ? with which I can record TV off-air and then (after ?Finalising?) play back on my other DVD Player.


What I would like to do is:-


Record a TV program, with start & finish overlaps, adverts etc using the JVC DVD Recorder and then copy the resulting DVD-R or DVD-RW into an empty folder on my pc's HDD My pc has ample HDD capacity and a NEC ND-3500AG DVD Writer.


Use a Video Editor to edit out the start & finish overlaps and adverts and save this 'clean' version on the pc's HDD Then, using the pc's NEC ND-3500AG DVD Writer, burn a DVD from the HDD, which is a clean copy? I have just downloaded ImgBurn which looks 100s% better than Nero Express v6.3.1.10 which came with the NEC DVD Writer.


I have been recommended to use DVD Decrypter to copy the home produced DVD-RW to my HDD as the output from my JVC has multiple VOBs in 1GB chunks (in VIDEO_TS). That person suggested I use VideoReDo to edit the files. Another suggested TMPGEnc


I have trial versions of VideoReDo and TMPGEnc, and DVD Decrypter, but so far only managed to create an unplayable and unformattable DVD-RW (Sony)???


I?m sure that what I want to do has been done many times before. What do you recommend please. I?m not interested in putting Menu?s on the DVDs, I just want to record my favourite TV dramas using the DVD Recorder?s Timer function and then keep a clean copy for future viewing. (For example BBC?s Judge Deed which for some reason is not sold by BBC on DVD or VHS. But that?s another issue?..)

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Indeed, this isn't the place to ask about editing DVDs or authoring your own - although there is nothing wrong with what you're doing.


Go see what the people over at http://forum.doom9.org say.



Ooops! Sorry!


I thought that what I wanted to do was ok, as I can do more or less the same thing using the JVC DVD Recorder. Just seemed easier to use my pc and cut to the frame I wanted instead of +/- 10 secs or so as my JVC instructions say. Had I bought one with a built in HDD I understand that I could edit more accurately. Must admit that I am puzzled.

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