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Fast erase


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for a few months I asked how to adjust Fast erase before writing.


You told me that it were dangerous for the rw disks. I do it so often with others burn software that I found it don't care.


I thought, the disk could be unreadable for one time or something like that.


But it's not what happened. Only the PC can read the disks after this session. DVD Players never again. Not after Slow erase, not anymore after burning with an other software..


It means, I can throw disks away that I more than 100 times already rewrote. But some of the news after two time.


Slow erase is to long with ImgBurn. And other Software use quickerase more than 100 times without problem..


It's not very funny and I will stop to burn with ImgBurn for a while..



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I use a lot of differents +rw or -rw disks. Sony, Verbatim, Medion, Tdk.


I burn daily the broadcasts that I missed on TV.


I don't understand. It worked so good before. Maybe the problems comes since the last Update of the software. I didn't change any setting.

I rewrite the disks principally with ImgBurn or with the Tool from TMPGEnc DVD Author 2 (very old but very good).


I have two burner (I thought for a while, it would be one of them that burn too hot.). If I reburn with any of them, with IMgBurn and it works, it's all easy but if it don't works, I can just read the disk on my PC. Player (LG) says Disk Error, and never read it again. Also if I format it complete or reburn with an other software.


I just want to say that you were right as you told me in February, that it's not good to use the quick erase option for DVDs..


Don't be angry! I don't want to say your are responsible and I use your software to burn New Disks and Iso anyway. I just wanted to report about a bug I have..

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I don't remember ever saying it was bad to quick erase DVDs.


It's pointless to quick erase DVD+RW and BD-RE because they support Direct Overwrite, but that's about it.


What I usually say is that doing a full format is a 2 part process. It has a foreground part and a background part.


By default, ImgBurn waits for both to be completed. Some/most other tools do not (they just wait for the foreground part) and it leaves the 'formatted' status of the disc in limbo.


The problem(s) you're having is/are not a software issue.

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