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Burning video files


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Hello ImgBurn family,


I'm new to the ImgBurn forum, but not new to the ImgBurn program. I've been using it for a very long time now and I'm very pleased with how effectively and efficiently it works. I just one problem with it.


I use the program ConvertXtoDVD to convert multiple video files into a video compilation. The program allows you to set the desired file size of the project, in which the default is 8100 MB for DVD-9's. When using the default file size and trying to burn the files onto my Verbatim DVD+R DL using ImgBurn, I run into a couple of prompts. The first says the video folder is too big, which I don't think it is, but maybe I'm wrong? It falls below the desired file size every time. Secondly, if I choose to ignore that prompt, it says something like the layer break is positioned improperly which will result in a bad burn, and it shows a list of file positioning with a legend (ranging from Excellent to Average).


My Disc ID is MKM-003-00. Before using ImgBurn, I've been using Nero Burning ROM and never had an issue burning movies. Is there a set file size for burning movies onto that disc type? If so, what's the size I should use instead of 8100 MB? Or should I do something else?


By the way, the folder says it occupies 96-97% of the disc. (Changes after reconverting using a different file size)





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This is the normal size of a DL disc.


Disc Information:

Status: Empty

Erasable: No

Free Sectors: 4,173,824

Free Space: 8,547,991,552 bytes

Free Time: 927:32:74 (MM:SS:FF)

Supported Write Speeds: 2.4x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x


DVD+R DL Boundary Information:

L0 Data Zone Capacity: 2,086,912

Changeable: Yes


Yours is getting messed up due to the 'max' firmware you've got running on the drive. I don't think the modified firmware lets the program set the layer break position when burning outside of the 'normal' limits/capacity of a DVD+R DL disc.


If the program says the image you're trying to burn is too big, it's too big. It doesn't make this stuff up :)


Users normally make mistakes when looking at sizes of files etc due to the units being used... the program doesn't have that problem.


Do not ignore the prompt to select a layer break position, just pick one of them - use the 'preview' option to see which offering works best.

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Thanks for the quick reply, LIGHTNING UK!


I reverted back to the stock firmware to get the best results, and tried again. In the prompt to choose where to set the layer break, I only see AVERAGE ones. I picked the best one after previewing all that the program suggests, then burned it. After burning it, I notice verifying the DVD fails, as well as when I try to play it on a DVD player where the layer break was, the player cannot read it. I hear a noise like the laser is straining itself to read the DVD. I've even reduced the max file size of the project thinking I'd get a better layer break position option.


By the way, I've wasted a lot of blanks testing and hoping to get a very good burned copy. These DVD's are very expensive.


EDIT: I just finished burning, verifying and testing a new copy. Although I only was given the choice of 3 AVERAGE points to place the layer break, this copy verifies 100%, and the test result was pretty good. At the point of the layer break, it did not play on my portable DVD player (probably because the software doesn't get updated), but it played flawlessly on my Xbox 360, which I prefer to watch movies on anyways.


Is there a better way to achieve an EXCELLENT layer break? Will turning OPC on and burning at half speed burn a more accurate copy? What does the % mean when choosing a point for layer break? And does the burner or the burning software determine where to place the layer break?


Sorry for all the questions. I just want to know so that I can get the best results.

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The ratings given to layer break positions are nothing to do with how readable the disc will be at that point.


They're based on technical stuff (flags in the IFO/VOB files mainly). There's nothing wrong with an 'average' one.


The % value shows how much will be put on each layer. Discs are most readable when equal amounts are written to both layers... so 50/50 may perform a little better than 70/30 etc.


I'd be interested to see the burn + verify log from your most recent burn.


Don't also forget you can run something like 'Opti Drive Control' (Google it) on that drive/disc and get a 'Disc Quality' graph of how well the burn went. (set it to scan at 4x) - maybe that's what you meant by 'test result' ? If so, post the screenshot of that too please.


You've picked the layer break position via that window that pops up. The software translates it to a sector/lba address and then tells the drive to use it.


No, you don't need OPC on. You can check the iHAS624 B/iHAS124 B drive tests (in the 'Drives' section of the forum) to see which speed produced the best quality burns on MKM-003-00 media (which I assume is what you're still using).

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Thanks for the reply, LIGHTNING UK!


The recent burn I spoke of was set to 8x speed because I left it on AWS. I'll still attach the log.


I've installed and tested with Opti Drive Control at 8x speed, since that's the speed that was used for the burn.


I also have DVDInfoPro.


I only use MKM-003-00 media when I need to use a dual-layer disc.


I looked at the post you referred me to in the 'Drive' section, but I'm not knowledgeable with how to read it and determine what to avoid, and what an ideal burn looks like. I'm guessing low PIE and low PIF is ideal?


Also, when the program prompts to place the layer break, what role does padding play? I've seen ones with a high value, and some with a low value.


EDIT: Was this a good burn? If not, why?







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