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Initial down of imgburn


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I have read several messages from your general forum catagory with folks having difficulty finding the correct "down-load" to click in order to actually start downloading Imgburn.


Understandably so! And unfortunately for me, I deleted my Imgburn file / program but still have access to the invaluable forum. Hence I am desperately attempting to download again.


I use a HP Pavillion dv6 (2009) laptop with IE-8. I am on the Imgburn home page and looking at the blue ribbon just below the logo; the ultimate image burner. I click on the button reading "download". A screen appears with all of the ads other subscribers have mentioned.


Nothing downloads, just more ads. what am I missing? Please explain which button and should be clicking on, what should be happening...................step by step. The only reason I am asking this is because I am frustrated and can not remember having this difficulty previously.


Thank you and look forward to be part of the happy users of a fsntastic software.

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